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Orlando Party Limo Policies

 🔷 DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The client is fully responsible for the signed contract total. The total limo fee less the deposit MAY be returned if the same limo was rebooked to another client for the exact same date and the same time of day.
🔷  Please observe our NO SMOKING or DRUG USAGE policy.
🔷  The contractual party is responsible for guests and assumes full responsibility for and damages to vehicle caused by client or guest whether by accident, neglect, or intent.
🔷  No additional passengers are allowed in the limousine other than what was contracted in the original charter.
🔷  We assume no responsibility for articles left in vehicles.
🔷  Driver is not responsible for illegal acts during rental. It is illegal to consume alcohol under the age of 21. This act will not be tolerated and if found services will end immediately.
🔷  The driver may inspect all bags for youth transports and require storage in the rear compartment.
🔷  Driver may terminate charter at any time without refund if the driver deems the party unruly or endangering the safe operation of the vehicle.
🔷  We will not be responsible for any delays or inconveniences due to traffic, unforeseen mechanical failures, or situations deemed an “Act of God”.
🔷  We reserve the right to substitute alternative vehicles in the event of an occurrence beyond our control.
🔷  Do not open any exits or windows unless an emergency exit is necessary.
🔷  Our red carpet entrance will be provided for weddings weather permitting.
🔷  No Styrofoam coolers or coolers with a drain plug. Flip top coolers with solid bottom permitted.
🔷  No messy, sticky or oily food. Light snacks such as chips or pretzels are permitted.
🔷  Do not stand or dance on the seats. Please keep feet on the floor at all times.
🔷  Grab handles are for support only. No hanging from them please.
🔷  You may bring CDs, DVDs, or iPod for entertainment; however, homemade or burned CDs do not always play. 
🔷  Ice is normally provided for all limousine services except for shuttling & airport transports.
🔷  Client assumes full financial responsibilities for all payments due at the beginning of the charter. Driver may assess additional fees at the end of the event including overtime, gratuity, and damage. Regurgitation fees are $300. Extreme damage will be estimated by a professional.
🔷  Additional charges may apply to delayed flights. The client is responsible to notify us of all airline changes, delays, cancellations & missed flights.
🔷  Client authorizes changes to credit card, with/without imprint.


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